Modders HATE HIM! Aspiring Developer Discovers Simple Trick To Learn Modding In Just One Day

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See how he went from zero Java and modding knowledge to a fully fledged mod developer in just one day!

Sorry for the stupid title. The purpose of the title is to portray this as an obvious impossibility.

The purpose of this resource is to help you understand what skills and knowledge might be required to make your mod a reality. It should be obvious to you that learning to do whatever you want is not always a simple task, and cheating your way around it is usually impossible.

It is easy to:

This is modding at its most basic level. There are many resources that can help you make this a reality quickly. Understanding of Java is not required, but you will need to understand how to fill in some blanks.

A basic understanding of Java is still highly recommended. When things don’t go the way you want them to, you have to figure out why and how to fix it. Both resources you find and people you ask for help will likely refer to Java concepts. If their language seems alien, you need to spend some time learning instead of doing.

It is hard to:

At this step, basic Java knowledge and familiarity with the Minecraft/Forge API is required. You will need to understand how to combine multiple concepts. Some convenient resources exist on these topics.

Intermediate Java knowledge is still recommended. With it, you can explore, understand and borrow the Minecraft source code to become a more independent developer. It will also be easier to follow the MinecraftForge documentation.

It is even harder to:

At this step, you are more or less on your own. You must become an actual programmer. Very few Minecraft specific resources exist for these kinds of tasks. You will have to depend on non-Minecraft related resources.

It is possible that no conventional hook exists for what you want to do, which means you might have to use unconventional means such as reflection or access transformation. In the worst case, a core mod is required, which is a highly advanced subject.